Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Swapnil Biswas

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Contact Information

Room - 821, General Mustafiz Tower, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

Academic Qualification

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (Ongoing)
    • Military Institute of Science and Technology.

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years)
    • Military Institute of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience

  • FACULTY MEMBER, Department of CSE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    • Duration: July 2020– Present.

  • FACULTY MEMBER, Department of CSE, University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS), Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
    • Duration: Jan 2020– Jun 2020

Administrative Role

  • Assistant Moderator, MIST Computer Club (2020-Present)


Voluntary/Leadership Activities

  • Coach, BUET IUPC-2022, ICPC-2021, RUET IUPC-2022, AUST IUPC-2022, SEC JUNIOR IUPC-2021, NCPC-2021, ICPC-2020
  • Problem setter, Intra MIST Programming Contest (Codewar-2020)
  • Mentor, MIST Computer Club (2019)
  • Department Captain, Department of CSE, MIST (2019)
  • Member, Notre Dame Nature Study Club (2015-2016)


Awards & Honors

  • Dean’s award list, for achieving a cgpa more than 3.75 at MIST (2020)

  • Scholarships, based on the academic results at MIST (2018 and 2019)

  • 4th, Photography competition oby Notre Dame Nature Study Club (2016)

  • 23rd, Dhaka Board, Secondary School Certificate (SSC-2013)

  • Scholarship, Junior School Certificate (JSC-2010)


Research Interest

Research Domain: Algorithms, Data structures

Research Works

Conference Publications

  1. Swapnil Biswas, Syeda Ajbina Nusrat, Noshin Tasnim “Grid Based Path Finding Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm” presented in International Conference On Advances In Computer Engineering and Communication Systems (ICACECS-2022), VNR, VJIET, India.

Technical Skills

Programming Language  

C, C++, Java, Python


Oracle, Firebase, MySql


Codeblocks, Netbeans, Eclipse,  MATLAB, Android Studio, Packet Tracer, Emu8086, Arduino

Typesetting Software

ShareLaTeX (Overleaf)

Word Processing 

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint


OpenGL, Blender, Adobe Illustrator

Embedded Systems:

Arduino, Raspberry Pi Others: Well presentation & technical writing skill. Used to both individual & team/group work

Notable Projects

  • MIST Routine Maker (2022):
    • A desktop based application for CSE department, MIST to generate conflict free routine which is currently being used in testing phase. Several number of greedy based graph coloring algorithms have been applied in this project.
  • Osmany Hall Mess Manager (2019):
    • A desktop based application to digitize the ledger system of the only residence hall of MIST that is currently being used.

Teaching Experience

Conducted Courses

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • 3D Modeling by Blender
  • Structured Programming Language
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Database Management System
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Supervision of Thesis